More parts per million

We are all frazzled. Yep. Business owners and our customers. It’s no secret that our customers attention spans are getting shorter and they more easily distracted. Pretty much the same as our own. We can try to kid ourselves and say that our customers are different to us but we know they are not. In this always on digital world everybodys behaviours are quickly changing. Keeping up ourselves is a losing battle. How on earth can we possibly be expected to have our business stay ahead? Some of our customers are moving 10x as fast.

What can Tiny Mighty do to help you stay connected to your customers? Simple. We help you find your story and then use our digital machines to take your story to the people who are listening.

The Top Digital Marketing Business Challenges

Too many communication channels have unproven effectiveness
Customer segments are fragmenting, making it harder to reach our consumers
Customer retention has become more difficult and building customer loyalty is challenging
The uncertain economy constrains our marketing budget
We can't keep up with all the new ways to engage with consumers
It's hard to differentiate our brand from our competition
We can’t keep up with the new ways consumers are using technologies

A lot of people see their website as a cost.
It’s actually the single most important asset you have.
Would you call a business today without looking at their website?